Who we are
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Eco Friendly Contracting (EFC )  is a full service commercial construction company providing a full range of construction services including design-build, pre-construction estimating, value engineering, at-risk construction management and general contracting services.

Eco Friendly Contracting has over a decade old reputation for being one of leading Contractor as well as conventional construction. We have extensive experience with sustainable construction practices.

Eco Friendly Contracting commitment to quality service begins with years of accumulated experience, knowledge, skill and a willingness to put our clients’ interests first.

With many successfully completed projects, as well as an industry-wide reputation for superior technical skills and proactive project management, Eco Friendly Contracting is committed to providing superior Contracting, Construction Management, and DESIGN-BUILD services in our target market as well as growing opportunities to serve new customers and markets.

Our philosophy
We consistently deliver superior construction projects by relentlessly advancing our client’s vision, beyond their expectations. We’ve built exceptionally high quality buildings and long lasting repeat client relationships throughout the south and the surrounding counties.


Eco Friendly Contracting has a “supercharged” approach to the preconstruction process. We believe the best projects start with detailed planning. Period. Our preconstruction services include cost estimating, scheduling, scope of work development, budget preparation and value engineering. But we go beyond the basics and relentlessly scrutinize the plans and specifications to find extra value for our clients  we build more than buildings – we build relationships!


Eco Friendly Contracting single source approach gives you one firm with total responsibility for coordination, quality, construction and scheduling which allows you to focus on your business rather than spending time coordinating multiple firms to complete your project. Your Eco project management team will handle everything involved with your construction project from concept to completion.


For Owners who are the most interested in early cost savings options, construction quality and maintenance of their project. Our live user friendly on website will aloud our customer to track all phases of the project.

The EFC team is dedicated to be the leading building solution provider. We deliver innovative design and construction services with maximum investment returns for our customers. Our mission fosters fair and honest treatment of employees, vendors and customers.

Eco Friendly Contracting

will continue as a leading customer driven building solution provider.